Thursday, July 30, 2015

What a Month

After Emily came home a couple of weeks ago off the oxygen Blair and I got excited to go and do things with out having to hall the oxygen with us.  Even thought Emily just got out we felt she was well and went to the water park.  This time is was sure easier to walk around the park and the water without having to carry an oxygen tank.  The water was on the cold side and Emily didn't like when I would try and put her in the water.  She loved cuddling with mommy when we went to the wave pool and lazy river.  She just took her pacifier and feel asleep.

To our disappointment Emily was not up to all the activity and feel sick the following Sunday.  With Emily being a big mommies girl I didn't get much sleep that night because Emily was very irritable the entire night with a low grade fever.  We went to the doctors the next day and she wasn't to concerned, yet told me to watch her fever, for if it got over 101 to let her know.  That next night she got sicker and her fever did continue to climb.  We called the doctor the next morning and with the concern of possible infection of her reservoir she readmitted us to Primary's for observation. 

Back in the hospital we found that Emily was positive for para-influenza, a tip of a flu virus. We were released the next day which was good as she started acting better except now she was throwing up.  The doctors said everything she was doing were symptoms of the virus.  It took a week and complete isolation, yet she is feeling better.  I have learned more through this to take it much slower with Emily.

With everything going on with Emily, Blair called me the day she came home from the hospital the first time to come and get him earlier.  He was blamed for too many mistakes and was let go.  With him home it has been easier to go the running around with Emily being sick.  One of the things we needed to focus on is trying to find a new place.  I would find them on the internet and then send him out to look and report back.  It worked, yet when he came back it was hard to get the specific of the place that I would think to ask.  It was nice to have him around to do the running though.

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